Traffic Offenders

If you have been charged with a traffic offence and have pleaded guilty you may be eligible to participate in the Traffic Offenders Program (TOP). In order to participate you will need to receive a referral from the Court. Provided you then complete the program before being sentenced, your participation will be taken into account and it is likely that your penalty will be lessened.

There are several organisations that run the program, but the largest provider is the PCYC. The program aims to increase the understanding of factors associated with illegal and dangerous driving, provide the Courts with a credible sentencing or rehabilitative options and to create safer roads for all.

The PCYC program consists of 14 contact hours spread over several dates. During the program you will hear from police, ambulance officers, drug and alcohol experts, lawyers and road crash victims who will each impart knowledge from their perspective. During the program you will be required to complete written tasks to demonstrate your engagement and understanding.

For more information about whether you are suitable for a referral to TOP, contact Hearn Legal for a free consultation.