Mandatory Alcohol
Interlock Program

The Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program is a Court ordered program which seeks to reduce the risk of people engaging in repeat drink driving. In a practical sense it involves the installation of an alcohol detecting device to the ignition of your motor vehicle. A breath sample with no alcohol must be delivered into the device before the vehicle can be started. Subsequent samples will then be required during a journey of any length.

If you plead guilty or are found guilty of certain serious driving offences, the Court must impose an interlock order in addition to the sentence (e.g. fine or bond) and any period of disqualification. The order requires that at the expiration of specified disqualification period, you do a number of things in order to qualify for entry to the program:

  • Obtain a medical certificate from a doctor (addressing health and alcohol issues)

  • Have an interlock device installed in your vehicle by an authorised installer

  • Obtain an interlock license

If an interlock order is made and you fail to enter the program, you will be disqualified from driving for a total of 5 years. The minimum period of an interlock order is 12 months, with the maximum 4 years.