As a part of the charging process it is common for police to place accused persons under arrest. In many cases where the charges are low level, or they think it is otherwise appropriate bail will be granted at the police station. However, if police decide not to grant you bail, they have a legal obligation to put you before a Court as soon as practical so that the Court can make a bail assessment. 

It is crucial that you are represented by a skilled and experienced lawyer during your bail application in order to maximise your chance of being released. While it is possible in some circumstances to make a second bail application, the circumstances in which subsequent applications can be made are strictly limited. For this reason it is essential to put your best foot forward during your first application.

Principal Solicitor Christian Hearn has appeared in hundreds of bail applications throughout the Local, District and Supreme Courts of New South Wales. To ensure you get the best chance of release on bail, contact Hearn Legal.